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Establish a joint master schedule with duration and amount of each task to serve as benchmark for planning.


Record, Approve and Document Minutes of Meetings.

Inspections & Work Permits

Document and Sign Work Permits with its corresponding inspection checklist.

Site Orders

Document site and change orders that are given on site including scanned original documents or drawings.


Site Diary

Receive, Approve and document site diary reports by the contractor. 

Weekly Reports

Receive, Approve and document site diary reports by the contractor.

Monthly Reports

Generate monthly report based upon reported data and company format.

Material Test


Schedule concrete test dates based on casting dates along with grade, age and information on the type of structure.

Test Results

Record and Document material test data including the date, results and additional remarks.

Test Requests

Document evaluation of test results of materials submitted


Structured file submittal and evaluation mechanism between the contractor, consultant and client.

Material Approvals

The Contractor will submit material types they want to use with necessary reference information for approval from the consultant.

The consultant reviews the information and either approves or rejects the material.


Receive, answer and document RFI from the contractor.

Letters & Memos

File incoming and outgoing letters from all parties or to the concerning parties only.

Payments Requests

Record , approve , and document payment documents and certify the quantities.

Variation & Price Escalation

Receive and approve variation and price escalation request from contractors.


Upload and Store Designs, Document and files in private or public libraries.
Share files with specific colleagues for collaboration


Retrieve analytical reports on specific topics of the projects performance, delay and finance

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