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Management Software for Ethiopian Companies

Digitize and optimise your enterprise and project management with our solution.

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Project Management

Effortlessly oversee projects from inception to completion.

Supervise projects comprehensively through site diaries, scheduling, and reporting tools, ensuring adherence to contracts and schedules from concept to completion.

Procurement & Inventory

Optimize procurement and manage inventory seamlessly.

Efficiently manage material lists, suppliers, and purchase requisitions, ensuring seamless procurement processes.

Track inventory counts, manage goods received, transfers, and issues, maintaining precise control over stock levels.


Empower your workforce and streamline HR operations.

Streamline HR operations by managing departments, employee data, leaves, payroll, attendance, performance, and policy adherence, simplifying processes from hiring to resignation.


Gain comprehensive insights into your finances.

Oversee financial operations comprehensively with bank account management, expense and revenue tracking, payment requests, and generation of detailed reports such as weekly summaries and transaction logs. Manage budgets, contracts, and chart of accounts for a complete financial overview.


Build and nurture strong customer relationships.

Navigate leads, sales opportunities, and project sites efficiently through a centralized dashboard, enabling sales reports and effective management of waiting lists and plans.

Fixed Asset

Effectively track and manage your fixed assets.

Effectively handle fixed assets, including reception, transfers, and issues, ensuring accurate tracking of assets and associated fuel management.

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